Managing Account

Creating an account

Email address and password

You can swiftly sign up for Feat Paper using your email address and a password, taking less than 3 minutes!

  1. Head to and click Sign Up at the top right

  2. Enter your email, password, name, and company details.

  3. Click the Sign Up button

  4. Enter the email authentication code sent to your email address

Google SSO

You also have the option to create a Feat Paper account by connecting your Google account, utilizing Google SSO (Single Sign On).

  1. Head to and click Sign Up at the top right

  2. Click the Continue with Google button

  3. If logged into Google, confirm your details

  4. If not logged in, enter your Google Email or Phone number and click Next

  5. Enter your Google account password and click Next to complete the process

For any account issues, please contact us at

Updating account setting

To update your account setting including your name, position, company, and phone number, please follow the steps below

  1. Access My Page by clicking the smile icon located at the top right corner of your screen

  2. Navigate to Account tab

  3. Update your account information and click Save

Please note that any changes made to the company name in the Account tab sync with the company name in a lead form. Once updated, these changes will be applied automatically.

Changing password

Forgot your password or wish to change it? Here's how to reset your password at the sign-in page. You can only use this method if you created Feat Paper account using email address and password.

  1. Put in the email address for your account and click Send Authentication

  2. Enter the email authentication code sent to your email

  3. Enter the new password and click Change password

For users accessing Feat Paper via Google SSO, your account is managed by Google. Refer to Google Support for password recovery or reset procedures.

Deleting your account

To delete your Feat Paper account, please reach out to us via email at or contact our customer service here. For comprehensive details on account termination, please review Section 7 (Termination) in our Terms of Service.

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