Access Control

What is an access control?

Access control offers enhanced document security by restricting access solely to specific visitors. This feature ensures risk-free sharing, particularly for documents made for internal use or with sensitive and confidential contents.

Visitor experience

If a visitor without access attempts to open your document, they will receive a notification message stating, “You do not have permission” and will be unable to view the content.

Setting an access control

The Download control is initially set to OFF. To restrict document access to specific visitors, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Document Setting button

  3. Change the Access Control setting to ON

  4. Enter the desired email address to grant access and press Enter

  5. Click Save to confirm

Bulk registration

For efficient registration of multiple email addresses, you can use bulk registration feature.

  1. Click the Bulk registration button to download a CSV file

  2. Open the share_list.csv file on your device

  3. Enter email addresses in the email column

  4. Upload the edited file by clicking the Upload Excel button

  5. Click **Save** to confirm

The adjusted setting only applies to this specific document.

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