Create a Lead Form

What is a lead form?

A lead form is a customizable form that appears when a visitor opens a document. It requests visitors to provide information get an access. It allows you to share a document with anyone who has the link while still enabling you to collect information and identify your visitors. You can review the collected information in the Visitor list.

The lead form is designed for documents shared with unknown or public recipients and is only compliable with standard links. For more details, please refer to the Sharing Options page.

How to create a lead form

Creating a lead form is simple and easy! You can customize your own lead form by adding a logo and warm greeting line and choosing the type of information you want to collect from your visitors.

  1. Go to the Brand Setting page

  2. Customize your lead form by adding a headline, company name, and logo

  3. Select types of information you want to collect in a lead form

  4. Click SAVE to apply your settings

A lead form will be automatically applied when you share your document with a standard link. To disable it, simple uncheck the Activate the lead form upon sharing.

Language Setting

Your lead form will appear in either Korean or English, depending on the visitor’s browser settings. However, the headline will be displayed in the language you've written. To enable automatic translation of the headline, leave the headline field empty. This will display the default headline in either Korean or English, depends on the visitor’s browser language setting.

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