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What does HOT/WARM/COLD mean?

We determine the engagement rate by comparing the number of visited pages to the total pages and considering revisit rates. To enhance statistical accuracy, we exclude instances where visitors spent less than 0.5 seconds on a page.

Engagement status is categorized as follows: cold for visitors with an engagement rate below 50%, warm for those with rates between 50-70%, and hot for those with rates of 70% or higher.

Do visitors need to create a Feat Paper account to view my document?

No, viewing a document in the Feat Paper viewer doesn't require any login or signup process.

Do visitors need to download a software to view my document?

No, when a visitor clicks the link, the shared document automatically opens in the browser. Feat Paper, as a web-based interactive PDF, does not necessitate any software for its creation, sharing, or viewing.

Can I change the language setting?

Certainly! Feat Paper currently offers language options in English and Korean. The lead form automatically translates based on the visitor's browser language setting.

What is a document access control?

Document access control refers to the whitelist of visitors authorized to view your document. This feature enables safer sharing of confidential content by limiting access to specified individuals.

How can I delete a document?

You can delete a document in the Document Setting page on the Document Dashboard. For detailed instructions, please visit the Managing Documents page.

Can I see the document analytics data of old versions?

Certainly! We maintain the data of old versions for users unless it is deleted. For a detailed guide, please visit the Update Documents page.

What is the maximum size of video I can upload?

The maximum size is 100 megabytes.

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