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Main dashboard

Main dashboard is the first page you will land to when you sign in. This space provides an unified view and control board of visitors and documents in a single page.

Main board

This space gives you overlook of how much engagement and visitors your documents have received. Use these information to understand overall engagements at glance.

  • Total visitors: Total cumulative number of visitors who have viewed your documents.

  • New visitors: Number of visitors that you haven’t checked the analysis page. When you check the visitor tracking information in the visitor list, this number will decrease by 1.

Bookmarks list

Bookmarks list gives you easier access to documents you share often. To learn more about how to bookmark a document, please visit the Manage Documents page.

Documents list

The document list serves as an administrative hub that offers a comprehensive view of all your documents, allowing comparative analysis of visitor engagement across various documents.

  • Sorting: Utilize the sorting buttons located at the top right corner to arrange documents either by the order of Recently created or by Recently visited.

  • Filters: Use the filter buttons at the top left corner to view specific categories of documents, such as those shared publicly, featuring CTAs, or allowing document downloads.

  • New Visitor Notification: A red circle next to the document name signifies a new visitor that hasn’t been reviewed in the Visitor list yet.

  • Copy Link: Hover over a document to use the Copy Link button, streamlining the sharing process directly from the document list.

  • Bookmark: Easily bookmark a document with the Bookmark button by hovering over the respective document.

  • Delete: Remove a document from the list with the Delete button, accessible via the ··· option in the right corner of each document.

Document dashboard

The Document Dashboard serves as your command center for individual documents. Here, you can find most of the Feat Paper features, managing and accessing detailed settings for each document all in one convenient space.

Brand Setting

Step into the world of customization through the Brand Setting page. From customizing your lead form to enhancing visitor engagement with tailored CTAs, this is where your branding and visitor interaction merge seamlessly.

Note: Any changes you make here will reflect across all your documents.

My Page

My Page acts as your control room. It's the administrative hub where you can oversee and adjust account details, manage plans, and handle billing and payment information with ease.

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