Real-time Access Notification

What is a real-time access notification?

A real-time access notification is triggered when a visitor views your document. You’ll be notified via email from

This allows you to analyze the visitor's engagement with your document in real-time. You can promptly follow up with the visitor if necessary, ensuring you never miss connecting with potential leads or prospects interested in your document at the moment they engage.

The real-time access notification email includes the following information:

  • Visitor details: The type of information depends on the lead form fields you've set up.

  • Name of viewed document

  • Link to the document analytics page

Setting a real-time access notification

If you prefer to not receive notifications while still running the Visitor Tracking and Document Analytics features, you can easily turn off this specific setting. Here's how to do it.

  1. Navigate to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Document Settings button

  3. Change the Notification setting to OFF

  4. Click Save to confirm

Once disabled, Feat Paper will stop sending you email notifications for this particular document. Please note that the adjusted setting only applies to this specific document.

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