Create Motion PDFs

What is a Motion PDF?

A Motion PDF is a web-based interactive document format that allows users to embed interactive contents, such as videos, GIFs, and links, directly into their PDF documents. These interactive elements enhance the reader's experience and engagement.

Visitor experience

When a visitor opens a Motion PDF, it will automatically launch the Feat Paper viewer in a new tab, creating a seamless and hassle-free experience. This process does not require visitors to take any additional actions, such as downloading a software or creating an account.

An online environment is required to share or view Feat Paper Motion PDFs.

How to create a Motion PDF

With Feat Paper, you can enrich your PDF documents by embedding interactive contents such as videos, third party tools, GIFs, links, and page navigations.

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Motion PDF button

  3. Go to the page where you want to embed an interactive content

  4. Click + MOTION

  5. Choose the content type from the tab and embed a content

  6. Position the content and adjust its size

  7. Save your changes by clicking SAVE & EXIT

To learn more about the interactive contents you can embed to Feat Paper documents, please visit the Embed Interactive Contents page.

Interactive contents only apply in the Feat Paper viewer and are not reflected in original PDF file or downloaded versions.

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