Update Documents


If you need to modify or update a document that has already been shared, you can utilize the update feature. This allows you to upload a different file while retaining the existing link. The changes you make will be automatically reflected to visitors who access the original link.

Uploading new version

To upload a new version of your document, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Update button

  3. Upload PDF file from your device by clicking on Browse

When you upload a new version, the file name and its contents will change accordingly. Any interactive elements you've embedded will be applied to the new version. If the number of pages in the new version differs from the existing one, please check the contents are in the right pages.

Your document settings will remain the same after the update.

How data analytics works with new versions

Document analytics data is managed separately for each version. This means that once you upload a new version, data for document analytics and visitor tracking will be collected in the current version. Data for previous versions will be retained. If you want to dive deeper into how data analytics features work, you can visit the Document Analytics page.

Managing versions

Effortlessly manage and keep track of different versions under one document dashboard. Seamlessly restore prior versions for analytics purposes and maintain a clean and organized document history by easily deleting outdated versions.

Restoring an old version

Returning to an old version or accessing data analytics data is straightforward. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Update button

  3. Choose a version and click the Restore button

Selecting a different version will take you to the document dashboard of that specific version, allowing you to review analytics data for older versions without affecting what visitors see. Once you hit Restore, the content of the selected version will replace the link. To revert to the current version, simply click the arrow next to the document name.

Deleting an old version

To remove versions from the update history, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Update button

  3. Click on the version you want to delete

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