Feat Paper Viewer

Feat Paper viewer types

Depending on content, format, and objectives of your document, you can select the most suitable Feat Paper viewer type. You can easily switch the Feat Paper viewer type by following these steps.

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the Document Setting button

  3. Select a Feat Paper viewer type

  4. Click Save

You can use the Preview feature within the Document Setting page to review your document before sharing. This preview won't impact your document or viewer analytics.

Presentation viewer

This viewer is ideal for documents with multiple pages, such as presentation decks, design portfolios, or prototypes.

  • The sidebar in the presentation viewer offers page previews for easy navigation.

Report viewer

If your document aims to encourage customer engagement, the report viewer is a great choice. It's optimized for documents like product whitepapers, digital brochures, or sales proposals.

  • The sidebar in the report viewer includes integrated communication tools and a memo feature.


When you share a document with Feat Paper, you have the option to customize not just the document's content but also the viewer's experience. You can enhance the user experience by adding your brand logo and communication tools.

Incorporating your brand's logo into the document elevates the user experience by reinforcing your brand identity. The logo will be displayed at the top of the Feat Paper viewer and the lead form. Follow these steps to add your logo:

  1. Go to the Brand Setting page

  2. Upload your logo as an image file from your device

  3. Click SAVE to apply your settings


You can enhance user engagement by integrating your communication channels into the Feat Paper viewer. This helps visitors reaching out to your contacts more easily. To learn more about communication integrations, refer to the Integrate Communication Tools page.

Integrated communication tools are visible in a sidebar only in the report viewer type.


Memo is a handy feature that allows visitors to add notes while reading a document and share them. Visitors can save these notes by sending them to their own email or sharing them with others. When saved, an automated email will be sent to the provided email address containing the note and a link to the document.

The memo feature is available in a sidebar only in the report viewer type.

Communication popup

The communication popup is a text box that shows integrated communication tools on the last page of a document. It syncs with the communication tools in the sidebar of the report viewer. To edit integrated tools, please refer to the Integrate Communication Tools page. If you wish to disable it, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on Document Setting

  3. Change the Communication setting to OFF

  4. Save your changes by clicking Save

  5. However, you can deactivate the communication popup setting for individual documents.

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