Integrate Communication Tools


Integrating communication tools streamlines the visitor's next steps and optimize the user experience. They enable visitors to easily contact your communication channels or take additional actions within the open document.

  • Communication sidebar: Left sidebar of the Feat Paper report viewer.

  • Communication Popup: A text box with integrated communication tools that appears on the last page of a document.

Please note that the sidebar is only visible in the report viewer type. If you want to explore the different types of Feat Paper viewer, refer to the Feat Paper Viewer page for more details.

How to integrate communication tools

You can integrate basic contact information including email, phone number, or your website. You can also customize communication buttons by integrating various tools that offer shareable links.

  1. Go to the Brand Setting page

  2. Scroll down to the Communication section at the bottom

  3. Integrate communication tools by providing information in the appropriate formats

  4. Click SAVE to apply your settings

You can choose one communication setting per account. Any modifications to the communication setting will be applied to all your documents that you have or shared.


This field is required. Please provide the name of the company and the manager. This information will be displayed only in the communication popup.

Email Support

Enter the email address you want visitors to use for contacting you. When clicked, it will open the default email client in a new window.

Contact Number

Enter the phone number you want visitors to call. When clicked, it will initiate a call to the provided number.

Customized CTA

Specify the name and link of the communication tool you wish to integrate. You can integrate various communication tools that provide a sharable link like Zendesk, Calendly, or WhatsApp. When clicked, it will launch the service in a new window.

Viewing communication record

You can monitor visitors’ communication record in the Visitor list. If a visitor clicks on any communication buttons in the sidebar or communication popup, this action will be tracked and displayed next to the visitor’s name in the visitor list.

Visitor communication tracking is activated when a visitor clicks a communication button. Please note that the communication record may not correspond with subsequent actions that occurred and completed within the integrated third-party tools.

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