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Nov 21, 2023

New Feature Tool Embedding

We are excited to introduce the next Motion PDF where you can embed any online tools you use! Embed Calendly, Tally, Arcade, Google Maps, or any other tools your team needs.

  • Embed tools directly in the document and lead visitors to take CTAs.

  • No more needs to share thousand links! Share documents, meeting reservation links, and survey forms, all at once in Feat Paper!

  • Learn more: Embedding Tools

New Feature Page Navigation

Now you can add page navigation, or slide links, within Feat Paper editor!

  • Track how visitors navigated between the pages using the links.

  • Auto-create highlighted box to the link added.

New Feature Viewing Period Settings

Enhance document security by setting a viewing period of the document.

New Feature Document Tagging

Easily organize and clarify your documents by tagging them! Tags are only visible to internal users and it is a great tool to add notes to the document.

  • Tag target audience/segment, use cases, or created dates to the document!

Improvement Memo History

You can check a memo history of your visitors. Analyze who shared your document to other parties and track how it's spreading.

  • If a visitor shared your document link with a memo, you will see M sign next to their name.

Improvement Scroll Bar in Report Viewer

We added a scroll bar in the sidebar of the report viewer. Feel free to add as many CTAs as you want :)

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