Document Analytics


Document analytics allows users to understand, analyze, and improve documents based on a real engagements, numbers, and data. Just like using a marketing emailing tools or sales meeting management apps, now you can understand how successful your document was!

  • Visits: visit counts during a selected period.

  • Total visits: visit counts of a total period

  • Today’s visits: visit counts of today

The visit counts is the number of times your document was viewed, and it is not equivalent to the number of unique visitors.

Setting an analysis period

most suitable Feat Paper viewer type. You can easily switch the Feat Paper viewer type by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Document Dashboard

  2. Click on the time period and choose the period you want to analyze

Analyzing by pages

Top pages

By using the filters, you can view the most and least interacted pages. Analyze what were the wow points for your viewers and improve the pages that got least interactions. Here are the options that we provide:

  • Pages that visitors spent the time most

  • Pages that visitors revisited the most

  • Pages that visitors left the document on the most

You can also view the page analysis by the segment type (HOT/WARM/COLD).

Interaction graph

Analyze how much time visitors spent in each page on average. You can interpret the customer experience and flow of how visitors view the document.

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